Our technology
Our technology

The Grillvapor technology. The pleasure of perfect grilling results

Our technology
Our technology

Arris Catering Equipment® created and patented the Grillvapor® technology.  The Grillvapor® technology is a technology for gas and electric commercial grills that combines high heat with the humidification of the cooking surface. This technology consists of a water tank located under the cooking surface that heats up proportionally to the temperature cooking surface, reaching temperatures just warm enough to humidify the cooking surface. This creates the ideal conditions for grilling and gives the best results possible. The Grillvapor® technology allows you to cook foods in such a way that they will be crispy on the outside while retaining all of their natural juices and nutrients on the inside.

The GRILLVAPOR® technology incorporated into our appliances is the only one able to provide the following benefits:

  • Better cooking results: Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.
  • Food is cooked faster.
  • Food loses less of its mass during the cooking process.
  • Retention of organoleptic properties of the food.
  • No need to use oils and fats, due to the non-stickable cooking surfaces.
Our technology
Our technology

The combination of the Grillvapor® technology together with our product specific engineering innovations (which can be found in the description of every product family) makes sure that you as a user always get the best grilling experience possible.

Some examples of the benefits that our engineering innovations can provide you with:

  • Economic benefits: Savings on labour costs & savings on energy consumption.
  • Uniform temperature across the cooking surface.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Better absorption of thermal shock, not losing heat while putting food on the grill.
  • Temperature control using core probe.
  • Improved safety systems.