About us
About us

Serving commercial kitchens already for thirty years. Because it's the taste that makes the difference

About us
About us

In service of the commercial kitchens

At Arris, we solve the problems that arise in commercial kitchens, by creating innovative grills with patented technologies that simplify and improve the cooking process. We do this while always having in mind our motto: It’s the taste that makes the difference. By doing so, we have become a leading name in the production of commercial gas and electric grills, serving all businesses that want to serve the highest quality food to their customers.

We have already been doing this for 30 years. In 1993 Arris Catering Equipment was founded by the Calzavara family, the inventors of the patented Grillvapor® technology. Today the company is still lead by co-founder Mr. Tiziano Calzavara. In these 30 years we have worked hard to improve our products and technologies, and of course to create new, innovative, products.  This led to some products that the market of catering equipment had never seen before, such as the Overgrill® and the Fry Top Green Energy.

About us
About us

Thirty years of innovation

Since 1993, Arris has been supporting restaurateurs worldwide. Here are the main milestones of our story:

1993 – Arris Catering Equipment is founded by the Calzavara family, the inventor of Grillvapor® patent technology.
1996 – Move to new premises and enlargement of production facility.
2007 – Enlargement of production facility at the current premises of Cadoneghe.
2012 – Design and production of the first electric grills made in digital version.
2013 – Introduction of the new model called Overgrill®, which still uses the Grillvapor® technology, but with faster cooking times and less labour costs in the kitchen.
2014 – Introduction of Arris chefs, with the aim of improving and customizing advice offered to the end user and maximizing support provided to dealers.
2016 – Complete redesign of Overgrill® with the aim of increase the productivity, the consumption being equal, and the ease of cleaning.
2019 – The range of products is improved with the production of low consumption fry-top.